Ping! ESS is a data-collection utility that acts as an extension to your current time-and-attendance system. It offers additional features such as location-awareness, messaging, and even full tracking of data your system may not support.

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Where Are Your Employees?

Ping! ESS can register employee locations through a variety of methods and only allow him/her to perform transactions if your criteria are met.


  • Mobile GPS that optionally needs to register within a specified radius of your allowed locations
  • Computer IP addresses assigned to locations
  • Phone callerIDs assigned to locations

Communicate With Your Team

Built into Ping! ESS is a messaging system connecting employees and allowing work-related conversations to all stay in one place.

In the works is a real-time chat system to speed up your conversations even more

Context for Your Conversations

As part of its messaging system, Ping! ESS allows you to attach your transactions/data to messages to apply immediate context to surrounding conversations.

Want to give your supervisor some additional information around a tardy transaction but your time-and-attendance system doesn't support comments? Attach it to a message and let him/her know what's up.

View it on the Go or at Home

Ping! ESS was designed with mobility and efficiency in mind. It functions in all standard up-to-date browsers as well as on the leading mobile devices.

No internet access or mobile device? You can call-in to Ping! ESS' companion IVR system and perform your transactions there.

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